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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Power BI Demo App

First samples of #PowerBI dashboard app are ready at last.
The great thing about Microsoft Power BIis that it's organized as a way to get business intelligence capabilities out to a wide audience of general business users.

This sample is a demo or proof-of-concept of an IT Dept. management dashboard to illustrate how exec's can optimize value, and present that to the rest of the organization. But, it's a great example of a "general use case" for how Power BI can present/display/illustrate a variety of info.

An app. like this can even be set-up as a "pitch book" to walk through Intro, background, market summary, the dashboard itself, and reference links for follow-up. ...An absolutely "powerful" feature set to get out there!  

To see Power BI demo "live": http://bit.ly/2F2RltV


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