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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Intro SAP BPC 10.1

A few weeks ago, saw this nifty, new course on BPC with a focus on v. 10.1, including coverage of the EPM Add-in, dimension admin, and report sheet options. So, when time permitted was really looking forward to digging into some of the updates/changes from BPC's older v. 7.0/7.5, and it's fascinating to see how SAP is evolving the product to (A.) preserve the key functionality that used to be so valuable, but at the same time (B.) positioning things to leverage newer, more powerful capabilities for embedded BW in HANA, cloud, and expanded analytics.
Definitely another great addition to a world of content available for those nerds (ahem, let's go with "autodidacts"), among us to explore at Udemy.com, and a good intro for those looking to get exposure to BPC in general.


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