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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Financial Modeling with Modano

This week finally had a chance to dig-in on one of the neatest tools anywhere. For anyone that's ever worked with financial models in Excel, they have tremendous flexibility to quickly do a lot of things, but they also do need to have some structure. And of course, as they grow and/or scale-out, you need it even more.
Additionally, there's a whole range of best practices, from formatting to notes & review checks, to meta-data that you're going to need that gets more and more time consuming to try to update, much less build-out as model evolves.
Enter Modano (www.Modano.com), which helps to address many of these issues and facilitate the development of standards-based spreadsheet models for financial projections and business planning. ...Here are just a few highlights that hopefully, I'll be able to supplement with more this week -- and in the future possibly using with tools like Power BI for more visuals & sharing options, etc.


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