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Monday, December 11, 2017

Power BI Certification

Hey - Pretty Neat!  (12.10.17)

Maybe not the biggest or most heavy-duty certifications that I've worked on recently, but it really was one of the best "bang-for-the-buck", at least, in terms of ROI for time/effort invested. ...Excel, and links from Power Query & other components to Power BI, both from desktop and the cloud-based version were definitely highlights. All fantastic.
Now, I've got to go put some samples together to show what these can do!
P.s. EdX.org has a wide variety of awesome courses available on-demand. Almost all are very high-quality content, including videos, reading, quizzes/knowledge checks, and labs/exercises for graded completion. ...In general, most are available for free or nominal cost. Most also offer pretty-nifty ID-verified certificates like this one for around $99 / course (the funds go to help provide others with access to this great course material).


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