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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Today's analytics applications just continue to amaze.  Just wanted to post a couple of quick-takes from a Tableau course that I'm taking via www.Udemy.com, which really is a fantastic resource.  As a big, long-time fan of online training, the benefits are significant, especially in terms of efficient knowlege-transfer.  From being able to stop-start the videos, to taking notes & screenshots, to speed-up/slow-down the replays, to following along in the exercises.  ...In fact, I'd just like to say that today it's really possible to learn and process material so much better than in the past.  It's certainly great for those an autodidactic aptitude at the very least.

Over the past few weeks, when possible to squeeze in a mini-lecture here and there, I've been working on "Advanced Tableau for Data Science" to broaden-out some BI skills.  ...Having spent most of my time working with Qlik Sense in recent months, it's fascinating to see how Tableau's approach has certain advantages.  This is especially true as far as speed and drag-&-drop capabilities in the general interface (using Tableau Public v. 10.3, at the time of this writing).  Here are a few initial samples:



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