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Saturday, July 1, 2017


This past weekend, it was time for an extra effort on Saturday to finish (another) course from Udemy.com, this time focusing on QlikView's Server & Publisher.  This course might not be directly applicable for an analyst, but understanding the background and architecture of the system overall is always one of those things that can allow you to make more effective contributions.  Also, it's probably fair to say that this kind of course gives more understanding of Qlik's approach to organizing and delivering their solution.

Diagram of QlikView Server Components

Once again, it was pretty remarkable just how comprehensive the framework was for being able to address issues with the highest-level, most flexible, and (from my own perspective), most configurable set of tools for business analysis and intelligence.  For example, all the options to control logging of various kinds, including the "verbosity" or level-of-detail granularity are amazing.  ...Or to put it a bit differently, in an enterprise-level setting, my experience has been that having these options available to assign memory, CPU, security, disk, and other resource parameters to certain priorities is crucial for true effectiveness -- not to mention seeing examples of loading the log files into QlikView for analysis as well.

QlikView Services Running

Also, there were some components like the AccessPoint in which (it seems), you can see how things were being evolved towards the new-generation solutions being used like Qlik Sense's Developer Hub and Qlik Cloud.  ...Lastly, can also see how Publisher ===> NPrinting.

QlkView AccessPoint vs. NPrinting

So, all of this is very good information, efficiently delivered in 8 hrs. of presentations (which might take around 2X that time to really review over a few days), and I really have to say that again online courses like this are really valuable to gain exposure to important topics, as well as a quick review of some other key items like the Inline Data Wizard (which Qlik Sense doesn't have yet), and the usage of multi-tier QVD layering to build-out really powerful solutions:

Completed 07/01/2017 -- QlikView Server & Publisher (8 Hrs. - www.Udemy.com)


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