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Monday, June 26, 2017

Social Progress

Newly-updated study, including over 50 measures of social wellbeing shows many other countries out-perform the U.S. when it comes to everything from learning opportunities, to infant mortality, to vaccination rates, adult literacy rates, economic mobility, obesity, violence, and yes, even democratic representation.
Notably, while the U.S. outspends all other Western countries in other priorities, such as on defense & security concerns, we continue to reduce our investments in almost every institution that supports health, education, research, and diplomacy.
Well, this data is more and more solid all the time, so here's a few charts to illustrate. For any interested in either the Bloomberg.com data or the latest from www.SocialProgressIndex.com, can't recommend highly enough.
Illustration of Social Progress (Y-axis) vs. Gini Coefficient (X-axis)

Map Courtesy of www.SocialProgress.org


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