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Thursday, December 22, 2016

QlikView Developer from Scratch

After talking/discussing with some former colleagues the concept of doing business intelligence work again, after having tried-out preparing some data with several of the best available applications, from Excel to Tableau, to Google Data Studio, to R & Python (as detailed in prior blog posts), I spent a good portion of the Thanksgiving Holiday basically holed-up studying how Qlik's approach to BI is different.

Additionally, earlier in November there was a workshop for beginning users to build you first Qlik Sense app, and after trying out some things, I was really learning a lot:

Qlik Sense Workshop at the Standard Club in Chicago (11.08.16)

So, over the Thanksgiving Holidays, my wife & I made a short trip back to South Florida to see the family.  She attended a conference, but for most of those 3-4 days, I spent speed-reading the first of several Qlik-related and BI-related textbooks, which were great and I really felt like -- maybe for the first time ever -- a lot of the "missing pieces" that we were not able to implement in the past were possible.

In December, with re-doubled effort and focus on learning the fundamentals, I found and completed this fantastic course offered on www.Udemy.com, called "Become a QlikView Developer from Scratch", and I still think that (a.) it might be the best possible starting point, and (b.) the instructor, Shilpan Patel (https://www.linkedin.com/in/shilpan-patel-93649415/) is not only among the most knowledgeable out there, but really great at presenting this kind of information:

The course have about about 7 hrs., in total, of mini-lecture presentations & quizzes.  In combination with the exercises (i.e. "homework), it can be completed by most over a few days.  ...However, in my case, I spent a bit longer to do the exercise samples with both QlikView and Qlik Sense to try to achieve the same result.  Since the basic framework carries over, this was relatively straightforward, but it gave some of the hands-on practice I was looking for to get more comfortable with the whole "Qlik Approach", so to speak.

On 12/22, was able to finish-up (Online Link):


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