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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Certificate in Qlik Sense

Naturally, following completion of the "Become a QlikView Developer from Scratch" course, next up was "Certificate in Qlik Sense Analytics Development", which is also an outstanding series of presentations from Paul Scotchford another great instructor on www.Udemy.com, but of course, this time focusing on Qlik Sense.

The course consisted of about 100 mini-lecture presentations, from 3 min. to 20 min. each (about 13 hrs. in total), with quizzes and exercises.  In my case, there was a certain portion of the exercises that I didn't repeat (since had previously done similar in the QlikView course).  But, overall the material was so good that I considered it almost like a "Christmas present" that these courses, through Udemy, in basically a MOOC-format are just so valuable as you can take parts & pieces, pause them, speed-up, or repeat as needed to reinforce certain concepts.

Fair to say that I'm all in favor of online learning in general, but these (and similar from Khan Academy, Coursera, etc.), are truly a wonderful development.  Again, took about a week of more-or-less focused effort to finish-up (Online Link):


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